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Using Keywords

The search box located at the top of each page allows you to search for images using


Month Taken example = August

Year Taken example = 2016

State Name example= Colorado

County Name example = Adams

Other keywords are also assigned to individual images based on content, season, time of day, colors, location, and etc. The keywords HILL, MOUNTAIN, PLATTE, RIVER, LAKE, POND, DUCK, EAGLE,ELK, FLOWER, ROSE, GRASS, TREE, PASTURE, FENCE, RAINBOW, CLOUD,SNOW, YELLOWSTONE, AFTERNOON, SUNSET, RED, PURPLE, BARN, BUILDING, PEOPLE, COWBOY, AND SPRING are a few examples of these types of keywords

Note that the individual words in the image titles are also stored as keywords. For an image titled “Remembering the Storm” the individual words remembering, the, & storm are assigned to the keyword list of the image.

For a single keyword search of all images, using the KEYWORD SEARCH BOX is the fastest option, however it may result in selecting more images than can be dealt with easily. The ADVANCED SEARCH option described later in this article us usually a better methodology for finding images.


Images on the website are tagged with Keywords related to image size or image format (tall, wide, etc), which the search function uses to select images. The 2 tables below denote keywords relating to image size and image format, and are available to use in searching for the images that fit your requirements.

Image size keywordsSize Description
SMSSmall – Maximum Dimension is less that 31 inches
MEDSMedium – Maximum Dimension is 31 to 59 inches
LGSLarge – Maximum Dimension is 60 to 119 inches
VLGSVery Large – Maximum Dimension is 120 inches or greater
Note: Images in larger categories can be downsized when being printed, so each image may have multiple size keywords. For example an image in the VLGS category would also have the keywords LGS,MEDS, & SMS tagged to it.

Image Format KeywordsFormat Description
HFNormal Horizontal format – Height to Width Ration greater than 52% and Less than 89%
WFWide Horizontal format – Height to Width Ratio greater than24 % and Less than or equal to 52%
VWFVery Wide format – Height to Width Ratio less than 24%
SQFSquare format – Height to Width Ratio between 89% and 111%
VFNormal Vertical format – Height to Width Ratio greater than 111 % and Less than 180%
VTFVery Tall format – Height to Width Ratio is 180% or greater
Note: Height to Width ratio is calculated by dividing the height by the width. For example an image that is 50 inches high and 100 inches wide would have a height to Width Ratio of 50%.

Images are also tagged with another set of keywords that are a combination of their FORMAT & SIZE keywords separated with a ‘-‘ (dash). The format keyword is listed first followed by a – and then the size keyword. For example using the keyword VWF-MEDS would return all images that have a very wide format and are medium sized or can be downsized from larger images.


The advanced search feature allows you to narrow down your image search by searching on multiple keywords at once, and also allows you to confine the search to a specific image category (eg. Nebraska Landscapes or Wildlife)

Below the KEYWORD SEARCH box at the top right of your screen is a text link to the ADVANCED SEARCH Function. Clicking on the ADVANCED SEARCH text link brings up the screen below, which gives various options for searching the website for images as follows:

  1. Enter the Keywords for your search separated by spaces
  2. Select which Categories (galleries) to search in ( Note: “ALL” is the default option in the drop down menu)
  3. Use the defaults for Search Field and Media Type
  4. Ignore (uncheck) the Black & White check box – there is a separate category for that (see # 2)
  5. If entering multiple keywords click the Match all Keywords button (default is Match at least one keyword)
  6. Click on the SEARCH button at the bottom of screen.

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