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Artist Statement

For me, photography is an adventure where new experiences, unique places and the unfolding of artistic vision are gathered and synthesized on the road of discovery and personal growth. Capturing a moment in time that emphasizes the beauty and mystery of the natural world is an experience that I hope to never grow tired of.

The challenge of interpreting a scene or creating an image, which invokes an emotional response and level of interest within the viewer, is a constant and nagging itch that is ever present in the mind of an artist.

I scratch my itch with a camera.

It is important for the photographer to be faithful to a scene, but a camera is only a machine. It cannot fully capture what the eye can see. It cannot record the photographer’s mood or other sensory inputs that add to the totality of the experience. The melody of a brook, the sting of winter’s bite and the fragrance of new mown hay are beyond the capabilities of any camera. Therefore, it is upon the artist to make adjustments that will enhance the overall statement of the image.
Without these adjustments, the image is merely a mechanical recording, having little artistic merit, and contains no evidence of the artist and his interpretation of the scene.

Currently, there seems to be much debate between advocates of film and digital capture regarding image enhancement. Photographers have been manipulating images since the camera was invented, and the reality is that the fundamental values of any image are determined before the shutter is clicked. Poor technique and mundane compositions yield the same result regardless of the type of equipment or post processing techniques used. I see merits in both forms of photography. And I hope my fellow artists can shelve the debate and continue creating unique and exceptional images to be shared with the rest of the world.

I sincerely believe the value of my photography derives from my appreciation of it as an art form, which inspires a tireless dedication to use all my skills, knowledge and available technique to create images that honestly portray the story and artistic essence of the moment captured.




                                                                                                                                            Jorn C. Olsen


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