Prints are available on Canvas, Aluminum, or Fine Art paper by a professional printing company. The sizes and papers available for each image were selected by the artist as being the most appropriate for the image based on a number of factors:

Images that have been cropped or taken with lower resolution cameras cannot be printed as large as other images without degradation of quality. Keep in mind that camera resolution is not so much equated with image quality as it is with maximum print size. In most cases, I have been very conservative in setting the maximum print size available for each image, and if you are interested in having a larger size made please contact me.

Canvas and Fine Art Paper prints are printed on a state of the art printer capable of producing prints up to 60 wide and 20-30 feet in length. Maximum print size for Aluminum prints is 40x60.

Aluminum prints come with a recessed mounting frame and hardware, which allows the print to float 1 off the wall surface.

Gallery wrap canvas prints have a 2 border which is a mirror of the outer 2 inches of the print face. If you order a print with a 24x36 face size the actual print will be 28x40 to allow for covering the edges of the 2 stretcher bars, and there will also be an extra 2 inches of unprinted canvas around the outside to allow space for the framer to grip the material when stretching and stapling the print to the stretcher bars .Because of this, gallery raps have a maximum width of 52 inches for the actual face size.


Black Area = Face Size

Gold = 2 Mirrored Edges

Blue = 2 Grip Area


Every type of printer, ink set, and paper type has a different color gamut (range of colors that can be printed) and colors can noticeably different across various types and brands of paper. We have tried to select the paper and printer combination that does the best job of replicating the qualities of color and tonality in the image. Please contact me, if you wish to have an image printed using a paper that is not currently offered for that image.


Pricing on Canvas and Fine Art Paper prints is 125.00 per square foot with a small upcharge for gallery wrap style prints, as the printing company charges me for printing the extra 2 border for the wrapped sides. Canvas prints have 2 coats of an environmentally friendly coating applied, which protects the print from Ultraviolet and moisture. The archival rating for canvas and fine art paper is 100+ years in a typical indoors setting.

Aluminum prints are priced at 165.00 per square foot which includes the cost of the float frame and mounting hardware.